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Animation and Visual Effects Filming in Victoria Australia


Back where it all began… My first time on a ‘film’ set and one I will never forget. The combination of my junior crew status while being surrounded by some top-notch Australian talent ensured that this was an eye opening experience to say the least! I was hooked

Australian Visual Effects Film

Childhood’s End

I can’t claim too much credit for this Syfy 3 part series as I only came onto the show late in the production, but thought it deserved a special mention as it re-introduced me to a whole new world of visual effects; TELEVISION! Film had all but swallowed up my TV career, but these days…

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Animation and Visual Effects Companies in Melbourne Victoria Australia

Nightmares & Dreamscapes

Stephen King creates some strange stuff, but he didn’t create the visual effects in N&D. I should know. I was a part of the team that sliced and diced the footage into its mini series glory. More roto and even a little greenscreen work on this one. Keep ’em coming Steve!

Animation and Visual Effects Companies in Melbourne Victoria Australia


I was called upon by Ghost VFX to Set Supervise Colony and am glad I said yes! The first season was shot in a myriad of locations around Los Angeles over a stinking hot summer, but man was it fun. Creators Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal ensured there was never a dull moment in the…

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